Bolynn Corp. was founded with the philosophy of the right person for the right job.
As such Bolynn has surrounded itself with associates that have a proven track record in their fields.
Bonnie Sewlochan - CEO
Bolynn Corp. was founded by Bonnie Sewlochan in 2008.

With over 25 years of service Bonnie has experienced the healthcare industry from numerous perspectives: CT & special procedures Technologist, sales associate, manager, diagnostic imaging, project and program management, clinical development, regulatory affairs and account management.

She has leveraged her team building skills, strong knowledge base in project management and passionate belief in methodology and process to create a number of successful multi-disciplinary teams.

She has recently seen a variety of successful engagements:

  • Workflow analysis and successful deployment for the Mississauga Halton LHIN, the UHN and WOHC.
  • Strategic Planning and Operational Reviews including on-going surveillance, solution deployment and management for WOHC and the UHN.
  • Review Ethics Board (REB) documentation, organization and execution of clinical trials/product development, Best Practices, Accreditation Standards as defined by their respective governing bodies (SMH, UHN, WOHC, SJH).
  • Regulatory documentation and primary lead for the audit preparation and execution in accordance with Health Canada MDR and ISO standards for a successful submission and approval for Class III medical device.
Bonnie has also taken an active role as a volunteer for the MH LHIN Primary Care Committee (PCC) and the DI Improvements Task Force. The PCC initiative involves a collaborative effort of a large multi-disciplinary team. The primary mandate of the project charter is to strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration access between providers and strengthen primary health care. The DI Improvements Task Force addresses the DI MRI & CT Wait Times initiative to provide both quick win and long term solutions.
Bonnie Sewlochan is a respected and trusted partner for numerous clients and the founder and President of Bolynn Corp.